Thursday, January 2, 2014

McKinnick Trail - Sandpoint, Idaho...Break out the Sheet Metal Screws!

I ran up at Mckinnick Trail this morning. Lots of snow and lots of ice! My buddy Matt had a great idea for running up there this time of year.

As you can see from the above picture, I simply put some sheet metal screws around the outside edges of my shoe. I have 7 screws in each shoe. I went with my old Saucony Kinvaras which still had some decent tread left. The screws worked better than the Yak-Traks I was using previously.
Dosewallips and I at the turnaround.

Matt carefully working his way down another icy patch.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Green Mountain Via Lebers Lane

Well, I have run 10 more days in a row to hit 18 in a row total. Is is becoming habit forming as of yet? I tend to think I am getting close!

We really enjoyed our trip to Western Washington. While there we ran up at Green Mountain. We hit mainly logging roads and entered on the east side of the mountain at the Lebers Lane Trailhead. We ran roughly 8 miles and enjoyed the varied terrain.
Michelle and I hit the turnaround and a posed for a quick picture. On a sunny day views can be had of the Hood Canal and Olympic Mountain range.

It was really nice to run somewhere without the snow and the ice! Felt good and could relax a bit more.

I go back to work end of this week. Hoping I can find a way to keep my streak alive! I will check back in when I hit my 25th day in a row.