Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mountain Running - Mt. Walker

Just got back from running up Mt Walker. The trailhead starts at 800 ft and climbs to 2800 feet in two miles. There was snow on the trail starting at about 2000 ft. As usual, Dose Wallips, our German Shorthaired Pointer was leading the way and loving every minute of the run.

It was so cold and rainy/snowy at the top that I didn't waste any time heading back down. It was hilarious watching my dog skid uncontrollably around the switchbacks, not once going completely off trail. One thing that strikes me is how natural dogs are running through trails. I find myself watching her trying to mimic her light springy steps and fluid motion. So far, not much luck in that department.

While I enjoy running in the snow, I am really looking forward to hitting the trails on a nice, sunny, Pacific Northwest day. ....yes, it is true, we do get nice sunny days in the Northwest. I will post some pics this spring and summer to prove it.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Hansville Greenway - Buck Lake

The Hansville Greenway is a great place to hit the trails. This morning I went with my German Shorthaired Pointer for her regular morning jaunt. The new surroundings and fresh scents were of particular interest to her, as we usually stay in the same section of wilderness near my house. Click here for a trail map of the areas.

We went for about 4 miles today and I am feeling like I am getting my legs back after running the New York City Marathon. I will start training officially for the Eugene Marathon on January 4th. That will give me about 17 weeks of training to try for a Boston Qualifier. I plan on running 3:15 in Eugene. That would be a PR by about 7 minutes or so....think positive!

I highly recommend the Hansville Greenway for trail running, especially if the hills tend to scare you away...the hills are gentle for the most part starting out at Buck Lake, with beautiful views of the water from several different spots. Hansville is about ten minutes north of Kingston, WA.

Hope to do some snow running within the next week or so...plan on running up Mt Walker and back down on the fire road with the snow shoes....good for about 2000 feet of elevation gain on the way up...hope to blog about the run within a few days. Happy Trails!