Saturday, November 13, 2010

New York City Marathon

Last Sunday I ran the New York City Marathon. This was truly one of the most fantastic sporting events in which I have every participated. Not only was the run incredible, our visit was a blast. I had never been to New York City before and the bright lights didn't disappoint.

The training leading up to the marathon was going quite well for me and I was on pace in my training to give 3:20 a shot, which is a Boston Qualifier time for my age. Unfortunately a problem I have been having with my IT band didn't allow me to run over 18 miles in my preparation. Two of my longer runs ended up with me having to walk the last few miles home. Needless to say, I adjusted my goal for the race.

On race day I decided that 3:30 was within reason. I went out in 1:44 for the first half and finished in 3:34:58. While this was 13 minutes or so off of my best time, it was one of my proudest efforts. My body felt creaky the entire time and I felt like I was plodding along the whole way. I took the opportunity to really see and take in the vibe of the 2.5 million spectators lining the city streets. I found myself relaxed and enjoying myself more than I ever have in a race. I am wondering how I can bottle that feeling and uncork it when I am going for a personal best.

This was my fourth marathon. After the first three, I wasn't all that interested in signing up for another. This time I cannot wait. I plan on running the Eugene Marathon on May 1st. I will qualify for the Boston Marathon that is that for positive thinking?! Goal Pace: 3:15....After that, my wife and I may run Pikes Peak in August. Let the fun begin!
Times Square two nights before the marathon

Staten Island around 5:45 a.m., waiting for a 9:40 a.m. start in 38 degree weather!

Participants attempting to stay warm in one of the several tents set up in the waiting area